Safety encompasses everyone, it is a circular feedback loop

Safety encompasses everyone, it is a circular feedback loop

Workplace health and safety is very important employees as well as for employer. One of the major responsibility of management is to ensure the safety of its workers. Employees perform their tasks well when they are working in a safe and healthy environment. There are certain steps which can be taken to ensure the safety of people at a workplace. These include:

·         Understand the benefits of providing safe and healthy work environment. It is beneficial     not only for business but also for community, families and employees

·         Understand your role and responsibility in making a workplace safe and healthy

·         Arrange training sessions

·         Make sure that the equipment used in the organization is safe and secure

·         Provide care for people who are working in extreme conditions e.g. inside boiler rooms

·         Address the workplace safety hazards

·         Try to find the best solutions for safety issues

·         Create a culture of open communication so that people could communicate safety concerns easily

·         Make sure that you fulfil all the laws and regulations of workplace safety

Workplace safety benefits employee and employer both which is why everyone should take care of it.


Employee Awareness

Violent acts and fights between workers could damage the reputation of a company and violate the safety clause of an organization. Management needs to communicate to their employees that what kind of behaviour is not acceptable. Some organizations even arrange sessions where they train people to stay calm in case of any conflicting situation. This ensures the safety of your employees and it also protects the image of your company.


Health & Safety Programmes

Health and safety programs are implemented to avoid any accident or injury at a workplace. These programs are actually designed to educate people. It tells them about the benefits of taking safety measures and the disadvantages of avoiding such measures. For instance, these programs give information that how much it will cost to the organization if any safety clause is breached. This cost-benefit analysis enables the management to be extra careful about health and safety issues.


Health & Safety Hazards

Hazards are any potentially dangerous substances or behaviours that could cause harm to the employees. It may include any dangerous chemical substance used in factories, it can also include any dangerous contagious disease or it may be any violent employee who harms other employees. For instance, in any chemical industry where employees are subjected to dangerous gases like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, management should provide extra safety measures.

Health and safety measures are not a joke. People should be very careful about it. It not only harms the individuals but it also cost a lot of money and distorts the company's reputation as well. When safe and healthy work environment is not provided, people get demotivated. It affects their productivity and performance as well. Which eventually leads to a low-profit margin of the company. So to maintain a reputation in a market and to run a business properly, it is necessary to provide a safe and healthy environment to the employees.