A2B Aero understands the difficulties that Armed Forces personnel can face when leaving the Service when it comes to retraining and finding suitable employment; A2B Aero consists of many Forces personnel who have successfully made the transition.

A2B Aero is delighted to present the following courses aimed at assisting Armed Forces personnel in the transition from the Military Regulations to EASA Part M, EASA Part 145 and EASA Part 21:


  • A2B-MT-001  - Understanding: EASA and The Regulations (an Overview)
  • A2B-MT-002 - Understanding: Airworthiness Within EASA for Military Personnel
  • A2B-MT-003 - Understanding: Maintenance Within EASA for Military Personnel
  • A2B-MT-004 - Understanding: EASA Part 66 and Licensed Engineering